Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 6: My Ness

In addition to recording a poem every day, I am also writing a new poem a day and sharing it by email with a few other writers.  The exactness of this particular daily artistic discipline is expansive, illuminating, time consuming and joyful.  These two little poetic tasks are first on my mind each morning.  Record then write,  or more often, record, edit, record, write, edit, edit.  This has meant I am often late getting to other projects-appointments-tasks in my day but my mind is fresher, stronger, more ready to dive in.  I dont know if I could sustain it for more than a month but day 6 still feels great.

This poem is about words, and insanity and creativity and perspective.  It is called My Ness. It's from a conversation I had once with my friend Anna, a Hindu acolyte.

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