Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 30: Penny L.P.

  The final day of National Poetry Month!  What a wild, strange, beautiful trip it has been, recording and releasing a poem each day.  Since I began this process of posting a poem a day for a month on April 1, I always knew which of my poems I would record and release on the last day.  For over a decade, I directed marathon performances of James Joyce's novel Ulysses, usually performing the last three hours of Molly Bloom's monologue broadcast live nationally on the radio for the Pacifica Radio Network.  Ulysses has been my sacred text for most of my adult life.

This poem below is my contemporary American rewrite of the last few pages of Ulysses, which in the original are, of course, the Molly Bloom monologue.  The American Molly is Penny, a Brooklyn transport chasing the artist's life.

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